2020 Paju, South Korea

Shortly after our gathering, churches across South Korea started hosting their own 24-hour worship gatherings. This movement started in Jeju and spread across all the provinces of the nation. This movement eventually spread to the nations. 

Mongolia and Japan both hosted their own 48-Hour worship gatherings in 2019. Even in the midst of political tensions in November, Japan hosted a gathering in Okinawa.  There Koreans, Mongolians, Americans, and the Japanese united as one and worshipped God together.

This momentum continued and God wanted us to do another 40 day gathering on September 1, 2020.  We simply obeyed not knowing historic pandemic would paralyze the entire nation. God knew exactly what he was doing and allowed us to worship at Oslanli in Paju, South Korea.   

There were two purposes for this gathering: One was for the Nations of the Northeast Asia region and beyond to come and worship God as one.  The second was for Korean church leaders to return to their first love.